What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a form of an alternative medicine that combines the latest evidence-based medicine with traditional techniques. Its purpose is to heal the root cause of various conditions using modalities such as nutrition counselling, acupuncture, botanical medicine, soft tissue mobilization, spinal adjustment and homeopathy to aid in healing. Naturopathic medicine gives individuals the power to partake in their own healing and prevent future diseases.

Tackle the root cause of the condition

Individualized treatment plan

Collaborative care with other healthcare professionals

Disease prevention

How can naturopathic medicine help me?

  • Personalized Naturopathic Treatment
  • Naturopathic medicine will explore the root cause of your condition and attempt to treat it. This is done by taking a complete personal history, conducting a physical exam when necessary and ordering any essential laboratory investigations for diagnosis. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment and the right support for the body to heal itself in the most gentle and natural way possible.

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